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self defence for everyone


Self defence has sadly become a necessity. Understandably most people fear violent threats and attacks. This brings about concerns and anxiety to everyday life which can be overwhelming. Members at Krav Maga West take a different view to self defence.

They view it as a life skill which one day might save their lives.

At KMW we take a holistic approach to self protection incorporating skills ranging from overall awareness, avoidance and

verbal de-escalation to accompany physical self-defence skills.

Gain confidence to enjoy living your life

Minimise anxiety and understand Fear

Learn to avoid or verbally navigate conflict

Learn non - physical and physical skills that get your home safe.

Get Fit

with like-minded people

Have you ever experienced verbal or physical intimidation?

Would you know how to deal with being choked from behind, being grabbed or attacked with a knife or stick? ​

Krav Maga (Hebrew קרב מגע “contact combat”) is a self-defence and military hand to hand combat system designed to deal with such problems.

A group of people from Krav Maga West posing for a picture.

gain confidence

Are you here because of self-doubt? Need more confidence at work? Had a close call or worse? Seeking something new?

Whatever your motivations, our primary focus is to provide you with the invaluable gifts of confidence and ability.

This newfound confidence won't just boost your self-esteem; it will also make you a less identifiable target, reducing the chances of you being selected as a victim in uncertain situations.

Krav Maga's impact extends beyond self-defense. It instills confidence in your daily life, allowing you to tackle unforeseen challenges with assurance. We've witnessed firsthand how this transformation affects our students.

So, don't hesitate. Join us on this journey to make a real and lasting change in your life.

Young woman defending herself from thief outdoors

protect yourself

It has featured on numerous movies and documentaries including the Bourne Series, TakenEnoughCollateralThe Debt and Casino RoyalHuman WeaponFight Quest and more recently FightWorld on Netflix.

Check out the short movie below which features many of the techniques you will learn.

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From the outset, the original concept of Krav Maga was to take the most simple and practical techniques from other fighting styles and make them rapidly teachable to military conscripts. Thereafter it was adapted for everyday civilians, women and children.

Krav Maga has a philosophy that emphasises aggression towards attackers and simultaneous defensive & offensive manoeuvres.

A group of people in a Krav Maga class

is it for me?

adults of all abilities and ages

At KMW we exclude nobody - We have taught every type of student. Men and women from all ages of 16 to 65!

easy to learn, hard to forget

Our training quickly equips everyday people with practical skills in a safe, enjoyable environment, led by qualified instructors.

NO previous experience REQUIRED

No prior training required; we welcome both beginners and experienced students.

You don’t have to be fit

You will get fit as a consequence of doing Krav Maga but it will be more fun than slogging it out at the gym! Our job is to get you prepared for a potentially violent situation NOT a triathalon.

krav maga classes



ADULTS 7.30-8.30 PM


Dunkley St



west bromwich


ADULTS 7.45-8.45 PM


Lodge Rd

West Bromwich

B70 8PJ



KIDS 6.00-7.00 PM

ADULTS 7.45-8.45 PM


Crescent Rd

Hadley, Telford


A group of people from Krav Maga West posing for a picture.

what people say

"Great respect between students and instructors and students as well. I've learned a lot more about what I can do and I cant wait to learn more so I can progress. #TeamKMW"

Eren D

"The system's principles are very easy to pick up.

 Harj's passion for teaching and how much he gives in every class to make each lesson engaging and unique"

DAvid b

"KMW is a really friendly  club The more senior students are without exception happy to help out less experienced students, and are very welcoming.  It's suitable for any level of fitness, I absolutely love it"

dawn k

 "I was made to feel immediately welcome, everybody was friendly. The content was diverse and very well explained. Very well structured and delivered lessons. I enjoyed it so much I signed up immediately"

robert h

"Harj understands 'the real deal'

Much respect for him and his honest approach!

Keep up the good work!"

michiel m

what are our trial sessions?

A man dressed in a suit wearing krav maga gloves.

test drive us

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