Have you ever been threatened before?

What did you do?

Do you know how to deal with being choked from behind, being grabbed or attacked with a knife or stick ?


Something brought you here. A nagging doubt? Low confidence in the work place? Or worse the bad experience of a physical altercation?

Our focus is to give students Confidence and Ability.

This confidence will make you less identifiable as a 'soft' target and therefore make you less likely to be selected as a victim.

Gain the ability to deal with a variety of situations ranging from simply avoiding escalating scenarios to handling a subject physically should it be necessary.

Krav Maga gives you confidence in your daily life as well as unforeseen situations that you may encounter . Confidence is power. We've seen first hand how it affects our students.

So come join us to make a real change.

Krav Maga (Hebrew קרב מגע “contact combat”) is a self-defence and military hand to hand combat system developed in Israel.

At KMW we take a holistic approach to self protection incorporating skills ranging from overall awareness, avoidance and

verbal de-escalation to accompany physical self-defence skills.

We believe self defence is for everyone. We love teaching Krav Maga because anybody can do it.

We often say Krav Maga is easy to learn and hard to forget.


  • Adults of all abilities and ages

  • You don’t have to be fit to learn Krav Maga

  • Simple , Effective and Proven.

  • You don't need any previous experience in combat or martial arts

The only requirement we have is to come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and have fun.

From the hundreds of students we've welcomed through our doors, we're fully aware that taking a step towards something new is a difficult decision for most. Our professional team will make you feel welcome and be focused entirely on your progression.


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