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Harj Sohal KMW



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Krav Maga online Harj Sohal

Harj Sohal 

KMW Head Instructor



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Harj started his KM journey under Steve Maycock in 2008.  After progressing through all of the student ranks he completed the instructorship programme wth the IKMF in 2012. He has been predominately involved at a senior level in Krav Maga for the last 10 yrs running classes and seminars in the West Midlands area.

He has taught 1000's of students in all types of settings, more recently on the international seminar circuit.

He is passionate about teaching and loves seeing students grow in confidence. He has taught fighters, service personnel, various institutions but for him it's about teaching the people that truly need it, everyday people.

Harj also has years of training experience and Instructor qualifications in various martial arts and self-defence systems including Filipino Martial Arts, Filipino Boxing, Dacyana Eskrima and Rapid Assault Tactics (Paul Vunak). In 2018 he completed the UC teaching exam and grueling stress test to become a Full Urban Combatives Instructor under Lee Morrison. 

Anyone who is serious about improving their combatives skill set, beginner or professional, can gain a lot from a session with Harj - A.Cooper

I had my first 121 with Harj and the session was informative, influential and inspirational!  I wasn't prepared for was how I would feel the next day!! 
I would much rather be on a live class.. but whilst we can't do that, this is not the 2nd best but the 1st best thing to it! - M. Humphreys