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Workout routine - Tabata

Ok, so here is a workout that I incorporate into my weekly training (weekly for me but you could extend the frequency should you require more time to recover. It was shown to me by Israel Tamir (IKMF G.I.T) many years ago and had stayed in pretty much the same format ever since with minor change

I like it because:

  • It's simple

  • Burns calories and improves cardio no end

  • Works a multitude of attributes (cardio, strength, explosive movement and striking)

  • Works on mental fortitude (you'll hit The Wall for sure)


What you'll need (minimum)

  • space to run (ideal tread mill)

  • Focus Pads (ideal Bob, heavy bag)

  • Tabat trainer/timer on phone. - set to 30s preparation, 3 minutes work, 30 sec rest, 6 rounds.



It's a basic 3 section tabata

A) cardio - 3 minutes B) strength/body weight training - 3 minutes C) striking development - 3 minutes. (change objective each section)

Each section is 3 minutes long with 20-30secs rest between each section. (total work time 9 minutes)

After the 3 sections - repeat . Start as a minimum of 2 rounds (18 minutes)

i.e ABC - ABC Aim to build up to 6-7 rounds (54 - 63 minutes workout).

i.e ABC - ABC - ABC - ABC - ABC etc.

Section Break down:


Treadmill - Starting round. Normal Jog pace. - look to increase to near maximal effort by the last round)

Alternatives: Short shuttle runs Skipping Running on spot Star jumps

Strength/Body weight:

10 hand release push ups 15 full sit ups 20 squats Repeat

Aim for minimum 1 round but ideally repeat until time is up.

(Progression if too easy) 12 hand release push ups 15 full sit ups 20 squats 5 burpees 10 double hand kb swings) - That takes me 3 minutes by end of it for 1 round.

Striking development:

Pace can slower but effort must be high - hit the thing bloody hard) I change the objective every round so it might look like:

Round 1 - Jab (both leads) R2. Cross R3. Hammer to elbow R4. Jab, cross, hammer, elbow R5. Hooks R6. Solo pad work Etc

Like I said you will hit the wall early. Suck it up and try to go another 3 minutes every time. I have included a PDF with this example for you to print and follow.

Tabata Workout
Download PDF • 164KB

Here is a blank version of the PDF for you to create your own workout suitable to your needs.

Tabata Workout Blank
Download PDF • 158KB

Good luck and let me know how you get on!


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