Self Defence in WEST BROMWICH

Have you ever been threatened before?

What did you do?

Do you know how to deal with being choked from behind, being grabbed or attacked with a knife or stick ? ​


Krav Maga (Hebrew קרב מגע “contact combat”) is a self-defence and military hand to hand combat system developed in Israel.

At KMW we take a holistic approach to self protection incorporating skills ranging from overall awareness, avoidance and

verbal de-escalation to accompany physical self-defence skills.



Something brought you here. A nagging doubt? Low confidence in the work place? Or worse the bad experience of a physical altercation?

Our focus is to give students Confidence and Ability.

This confidence will make you less identifiable as a 'soft' target and therefore make you less likely to be selected as a victim.

Gain the ability to deal with a variety of situations ranging from simply avoiding escalating scenarios to handling a subject physically should it be necessary.

Krav Maga in West Bromwich gives you confidence in your daily life as well as unforeseen situations that you may encounter . Confidence is power. We've seen first hand how it affects our students.

So come join us to make a real change.


 I have learned so much in the short amount of time I have been going and look forward to how far I can push myself.

The trainers are professional, and explain the principles and understandings of each move taught.

My confidence has grown since starting this journey more then I thought it would, I look forward to the next training session and learning more. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to push themselves.

James I


west bromwich


7.45-8.45 PM


Lodge Rd

West Bromwich

B70 8PJ


  • Krav Maga in telford is easy to learn and hard to forget

  • For adults of all abilities and ages

  • You don’t have to be fit 

  • Simple , Effective and Proven

  • You don't need any previous experience


Eren D

Great respect between students and instructors and even between students aswell. I've learned alot more about what I can do and I cant wait to learn more so I can progress.#TeamKMW


David B

The system's basic principles are very easy to pick up and have given me such enjoyment and confidence over the years.

What makes it even better is Harj's passion for teaching and how much he gives in every class to make each lesson engaging and unique

dawn blur_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dawn K

KMW is a really friendly  club - Harj is a highly skilled, thoughtful instructor, who puts a huge amount of energy and focus into the classes. The more senior students are without exception happy to help out less experienced students, and are very welcoming.  It's suitable for any level of fitness, I absolutely love it