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Children practicing krav maga techniques in a class


Why Krav Maga for Kids?

Krav Maga is a self defence system designed to work for everyone. It was formulated to help the young, old, male and female stay safe from the dangers in the world. Our instructors help guide your child through the confusing and stressful areas of stranger danger, bullying and misplaced aggression.


As parents ourselves, we understand that children are bundles of energy. Krav Maga helps direct that energy towards positive outcomes for your child. 

We focus on improving core values such as confidence, self-awareness, self-discipline, friendship and respect. These key values will help your child make the transition to adulthood much more smoothly.

Young female student smiling from confidence


Group of children sprinting in a krav maga drill


Image of stranger offering a lollipop to young child. Stranger danger awareness training


Mother embracing child, feeling child is safer


Why are the benefits for my child?

Our Kids lessons are not just another boring kick and punch martial arts class. They're fun, energetic and engaging. 

As a student you will

  • Develop confidence and determination to succeed

  • Develop and increase functional Physical Fitness and mental focus

  • Raise personal awareness levels – detect/avoid issue before they start

  • Manage nerves and worries

  • Practice situational Control techniques – learn to diffuse confrontation.

kids krav in telford

AGES 8-15


6 - 7 PM


Waterloo Rd

Hadley, Telford


Kids Krav Maga West Location details
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To register your child's interest for our class and get information on pricing fill in the contact form to receive a Club Info Pack. 

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Code of Conduct

KMW aims to be inclusive and ensure children feel like they have a safe place to learn. We have a code of behaviour to make sure everyone who takes part in Krav Maga West’s activities knows what is expected of them and feels safe, respected and valued.

Krav Maga West must make sure that everyone taking part in our activities has seen, understood and agreed to follow the code of behaviour, and that they understand what will happen if there is inappropriate behaviour.


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